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My poor husband hurt himself April 9th 2007 so almost 1 year ago. He was bending over and picking up a 50 lb wooden pallet and felt a pop in his back on the lower right hand side and immediately felt pain and a burning sensation that also ran down the right leg. He's had MRI's, FCE, Xray, physical therapy and medications included anti-inflamatory and muscle relaxers and pain killers. He currently uses muscle relaxers, this stuff called Bio Freeze and an electro impulse machine that sends electrical pulses into the muscles in his back..its a portable machine so he can walk around with it on if he wants to. Ever since the injury he's walked with a limp but now its even worse.. the xrays showed a slight curving of the spine which the doctor associates with the injury because he did not have that curve before the injury. He has weakness in his right hand/arm and has lost quite a bit of strength in it. He has headaches alot since the injury and he has sharp shooting pain and sometimes numbness like its going to sleep in his right leg. The stress test showed that he can no longer bend to pick anything up no matter what the weight and he is restricted to lifting 20 lbs shoulder height or higher but no bending... it makes no sense to me at all! He can barely pickup our dog and she weighs 10 lbs.. but I cant convince the doctor of that. He can no longer do the type of work he has done in the past so we are fighting it out with the lawyers, judges and workmans comp. Only thing the doctor said basically was that he MAY have a pinched nerve but its "nothing dangerous" but the MRI showed nothing... He now walks with a cane to help straighten him back up. The doctor gave him no more physical therapy alto that was the only thing giving him any relief at all. He was doing water therapy and heat/stem therapy because thats the only thing he could stand pain wise. The doctor has refered him to a pain management specialist and the workmans comp people are supposed to be setting him up with an apointment but they have yet to do so. So right now he is only doing at home therapy...and very little of that because its just too painful. Sometimes he'll be hurting so much that he has tears... sometimes he takes a pill and goes to sleep just to not be in pain. He's not sleeping very good either because he cant/sit/stand for more than a few hrs at a stretch.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! ... we're just completely lost with this whole back injury thing

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