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I joined this forum seeking your wise suggestions:)

I have been having significant pain in my upper back and under my left shoulder blade for 2 months - sleeping at night has been frequently restless and interrupted. I think I pushed it out of place doing a headplant skiing. I am an almost 50 year ol kid!

After seeing an acupuncturist (sort of helped) and then a D.O. (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine) - I was diagnosed with a rib out of place. 4th rib down and upon examination, there was an obvious lump where it was sticking out just to the left of where it connects to my spine. This is the same rib which made sleeping on my back impossible. Even sitting in front of my computer was quite painful.

Anyway, the D.O. did some excellent manipulations to try and get it to move back in place. He said my muscles were very tight. It is about 50% improved...but it still hurts.

[B]Question:[/B] Anybody with a similar rib issue come across exercises to either strengthen the back (to keep it from recurring) or self techniques to shove it back into place?

Thanks in advance - I'm grateful!!!


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