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Like Linda, I also have a grade 2 spondy at L5-S1.
I also have a bilateral pars fracture at L5 (the back of the vertebra is disconnected from the front) which I think has helped me. Without the fracture the spinal cord compression would be severe.
Through stretching, exercises (an insane number of crunches every day), regular chiropratic therapy and being careful about what I do, I have been able to avoid surgery for the last 15 years.
I have a low grade back ache continuously but fortunately, very little in the way of leg symptoms. I do get tired and achy easier than I used to but a couple of advil and an hour or two of rest usually fixes that.
My biggest problem is standing for long periods. I need to either sit or walk. But standing for more than 30 minutes or so becomes a problem for me.

I haven't needed the injections yet, but I know people who have gotten relief from neck problems with them. I would definitely try them first before resorting to surgery. Plus there are various physical therapy options that may help.

I just went through a series of surgical consultations and what I mostly walked away with is that, as long as there is no significant risk of permanent nerve damage, this is elective surgery.
Once the pain or lack of functionality prevents you from living your life and no other treatment is helping, that's the time to consider surgery.

Good luck.


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