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Thanks, LAF for all the information. It would be fun to get together. We could compare scars!! (Just kidding!:D)

Your exercises sound like what I was given when I went to PT the one time before falling on the ice. She also asked me to stand on one foot and rise up on my toes. That was really hard for me. I can do it with both feet, but not very well with just one foot. On my right foot, I barely budged! That is my weak leg.

Are you getting along OK by yourself? Do you find that any of your furniture is comfortable? I find I spend most time sitting in my "office" chair at the computer. It was used by my husband before he bought an Aeron chair for his office...and it is still comfortable for me...but I don't have another chair that I find comfortable. They all sink down or feel too low.

I'm doing OK. This just caught me by surprise -- feeling so stiff. I decided that's what it is. I'm not really in pain like I had after surgery -- what I do have is a painful stiffness. And my legs get weak when I walk. I haven't been able to increase the amount I walk. I start PT again on Wed. I feel like I am weaker than when I first went, 3 weeks ago.

Hope you're having a good weekend.

xx M:cool:M

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