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I've had pain in both hip areas since after my surgery. I didn't notice it until I walked around in the stores for a long time and every time I tried to walk for a length of time, it was hurting. Where I feel is like this: if you put your hands on your hips (sides), where to be able to just slide your hands down into your body at an angle right there, that's where I feel it. It happens when walking or standing too long, though it's been hurting worse for shorter walking distances over time. Its a real deep ache and feels as if I have a huge heavy cement block sitting on top of my hips and pelvis. Walking aggravates it the most for me and I find myself having to bend forward again. It's always there, but now I have a real problem walking just 100 to 200 feet or so. I had my Hips MRI'd early last year and that just found mild arthritis and possible spur in my right hip, but I don't have too much pain from the front of my hip areas. Sometimes it bothers me when sitting too long & trying to get up but it's the deep down side of hips areas that bother me most. My hip doc thought my pain was back related, but on flexion & extension x-rays, there didnt appear to be an instability at that time. Then last July or day i had to crouch down and stretch to reach for something. I got up and whammo....felt something in my spine and it felt like someone just stabbed me with a hot knife. Then when I started to walk, i felt horrible nerve pain radiating around both outer hip areas and somewhat into my groin areas (on both sides). Then the back spasms started too. I felt like a mummy trying to walk...I had to shuffle but not really use my hips, kind of had to shuffle my whole body w/ one leg, then the other, and so on. IT lasted 2 to 3 weeks and the nerve pain pretty much went away. Then the same nerve pain episodes happened about 4 or 5 more times since then (except I hadnt felt the pain inside my spine those next times). So I am convinced that the nerve pains around my outer hip areas are from my spine b/c of the way it all started. And with the first episode in this area, I felt that hot knife pain in my upper lumbar spine area. But that deep aching pain in my hip areas never went away and in fact has gotten worse over time and I'm not sure of what is causing this part.

Do you have the pain in the hips in the front of your body? (Like where your upper thigh meets your groin? Or is the pain more on the sides?

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