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Well, I went back to my chiro today, as the pain just got too bad over the weekend. The butt was going into serious cramps when I'd get up (like really bad charley horse type cramps, but thankfully don't last more than a few seconds at a time), and I've also been getting really really annoying pains in my the back of my ankle/calf...kind of time a tingle and just really achy, and the ankle cracks a lot. The chiro adjusted me and told me to take omega-3 pills, so I've been doing that to try to get some of the inflammation down. He mentioned that my QL muscle is very weak (quadratus laborum) and also gave me some hamstring exercises to do (I allready figured out my hamstring was really tight because right right leg can do normal hamstring stretches, but I can't even do my left leg at 50% without my butt/hip/back hurting.

I'm hoping this adjustment will work some magic, as I just don't have the money to get an MRI.

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