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[QUOTE=Rashidwarrior;4655088]Oh, i cant beleive it. How did u bear it. Whooping cough with pain in buttock. . I dont have whooping cough but i can feel ur buttock pain.
Well, my doctor told me to have an x-ray of the sacroiliac joint and have uric acid test. But i dont think its a joint pain. My muscles are spasmed, sometimes one and sometimes another. Just in my buttocks and behind my hip joint.[/QUOTE]

Now that its over I can't believe I did bear it. There were times that I really didn't think I could go on. The cough was just terrible. The pain was terrible. I cannot imagine a baby or child with this. The worst thing is there isn't much to be done after the antibiotics. Just let it work its way out. Heavy duty prescription cough meds did very little. Funny how time flies... just recalling that from only 6 months ago seems much longer ago...

I thought for a long time that it was my SI Joint too as that's were the pain was for a long time, it travelled. It was my butt sometimes so deep I couldn't really tell where it was, my hip, my groin, my back, my kidney. Sometimes an ache and others it would burn or throb or radiate or.... I had it all.

I wish I would have had something done sooner but oh well... I'm 15 days post op. Still lots of numbness and weakness but there is improvement every day. I did 45 mins for 1.6 miles yesterday on the treadmill. No way I could have done that a few weeks ago.

Money was a big factor in my waiting. I have insurance but a huge deductible. Now that I have some nerve damage the waiting was not worth it. Get the tests and find out.

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