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Hello All. It has been since 203 that I posted here, but I thought I would let everyone know how I was doing, what I have done, etc.

In 8/03 I had a nucleoplasty done by Dr. Michael Wolff in Tempe, AZ. It was successful. I had about 3-4 years of good improvement over my back and hip/groin pain.

I went from a pain level average of about 4-8, down to about 2-6. So, an improvement but not a cure. It was enough to keep me happier. I was sleeping better, and able to do lots of medium level activity. This included vacations, auto racing, walking, and cardio (eliptical), and core exercises in the gym. I even played tennis a couple times, which I found out from the repercussions, was a bad idea.

9/07: 4 years later. Things got progressively bad in the past 2 years. I am suffering from quite a bit of low back pain, that is chronic. I am also suffering from groin pain and a constantly tight hip flexor muscle. Rarely, I get shooting pains in my feet. I can't do PT any more even though I have gotten very strong and have been going consistently for 6 months. It just hurts too much no matter how conservative I am.

On 3/18/08 I had a YESS done. Yes, a YESS. :) This stands for Yeung Endoscopic Spine Surgery. More specifically called a SED, or Selective Endoscopic Diskectomy. You can rad about the surgery at sciatica dot com. This also included treatment from a heating cathode to seal disk material and numb nerves. Below are all the details of how I'm doing.

3/25/08 1 Week post-op, I am suffering a lot from both back pain and leg pain. Surprisingly the hip flexor tightness/soreness is GONE. Also, the pain in my back is very slight when lying still.

3/25/08 Follow up Appt with Doctor.. Dr. Yeung says "I should be pretty happy by now" and not in pain like I'm describing. He says that maybe he didn't clean up the disk completely and something is still pushing on my nerve root. He also says it might be dysesthesia, which is a symptom of healing of the nerve root after taking pressure off of it. He recommends steroidal/numbing injections. He also looks at my endoscope pics and sees that the cleanup was perfect and no pressure on the nerve, so it's likely just dysesthesia.

3/26/08 Have injections done by Dr. Yeung. Injections temporarily cause more back pain. Too painful to get up other than to go potty.

3/27/08 Lotsa pain. Nighttime comes, feeling better but still hurts.

3/28 - 4/2 pain in back not too bad when lying. I have slept better than I have in years due to the minimal back pain when lying. It is like my whole body feels relaxed when I sleep. It's fantastic! Up and sitting hurts. pain in legs/feet can get real bad.

4/2 Follow up with Dr. Yeung. He is not happy with my pain level. Not surprisingly, neither am I. He recommends another round of injections if I don't get better. Scheduled injections for 4/16.
I ask Dr. Yeung, what if this doesn't work? He shows me the fusion model of a fused sacrum and L5. They are fused with a cool and shiny looking screw. He explains he puts bone grafts in there too to stabilize. He also explains he does it all endoscopically through the poop shoot. This sounds like no fun to me and I tell him, we'll jump off that bridge if we get there.

4/2 I start doing sets of "dead bugs". A PT exerciese I learned for strengthening abs. It resembles a roach on its back flailing it's legs.

4/3 In the evening I feel like a new man. Wow I feel good! Hopefully it lasts. I have to remind myself I just had back surgery. I stay up til 5 in the morning adjusting my stereo. Wow, I felt good tonight!

4/6 I'm best man at my friend's wedding. Great times are had by all. I have a lot more back pain and leg pain from standing and walking so much today. After the ceremony I had to sit down or I would have passed out from the pain. I feel weak and out of shape. I need to get stronger, so I can stabilize better. I NEED PT BAD.

4/7 Feeling pretty good after a night of icing my back and a good night of sleep. I'm back to working from home (from my laptop and phone) the past week and it's given me some purpose.

4/8 Spend 4 hours in the office. Not too bad, but too much sitting. Gotta go home and ice. See ya guys.

4/9-4/10 hmm. not feeling so hot. Probably because I am not resting, lying, icing enough. Had a tough night of back pain past two nights. Also, it's probably because I stopped taking my Ambien/tylenol cocktail and am no longer sleeping like a rock. Funny but dangerous thing, I woke up to a dream a couple nights ago that burglars were sawing through my bedroom door with a reciprocating power saw. I rolled off my bed to take cover, and grabbed and cocked my pistol (in real life), only to find out I was dreaming about the burglars. NO MORE AMBIEN!!!!!! This resembles Ambien-style sleep walking too much. Don't laugh it ain't funny!

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