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just curious if your MRI report that i am assuming you have also had done at some point,mentioned anything about the word 'myelomalacia" being present within your cord,or how really impacted your actual cord is by the canal issue? is this indenting the thecal sac or indenting your actual cord in any way? the one thing about EMGs is they will only show nerve flow and when it is actually an impinged nerve root or some other issue that can compress and lessen the nerve flow. not everything that can affect nerves and muscle will actually show up on any given EMG,believe me. i had horrid radiculopathy with a totally "normal' EMG. it all depnds on just what is actually being affected and just where that is.

like MM mentioned above,you DO tend to not use certain muscles when you have pain or numbness or other issues going on with one of your legs or even both. this would create the muscle atrophy pretty darn quickly. it doesn't take much disuse to have it there. but it can take quite a while to just gain it back once the problem is resolved too. thats just how our muscles are.

you stated in your post that you 'had' this problem,has it been surgically corrected in some way or is this still there? honestly,going to a physical medicine doc probably was much better than going to a neuro,they do understand the inner workings of muscle to nerve much better at a physio than the neuro. my entire rehab program after my spinal cord surgery was done only by whats called a physiatrist? this is an enhanced physio doc. they DO normally undrstand things with your type of issue much better there. and know the best possible therepies to help it too. were you given any type of a PT program to follow or was this just for the EMG alone?

depending upon whether or not you have actually had any surgery would dictate just what they would or would not actually do for you. if this was just a straight out referral for the EMG they would actually do more than that.

just for the heck of it,really look at how you are walking these days. it may suprise you in just how you have actually changed your normal gait just to compensate for the current problem. like i said,muscle just atrophies very quickly when it is not being used normally/regularly for some reason. marcia

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