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Yes, this sounds perfectly normal. I had a micro-d L5-S1 7 years ago. During my recovery, I had all kinds of different feelings/pains/pings/sensations that I didn't have before surgery.

The back takes about 6 weeks to stabilize and form scar tissue (normal). So during this time you MUST be careful at everything you do. Watch your posture. No twisting, bending. You sound like you are being careful, but it's easy to get away from.

You should start feeling significantly better at the 3 month mark. Walking is good too, but please don't do too much. Too much walking at this stage is not good either! So, slow and steady wins the race.

The docs wanted me to start PT 4 months after my surgery. Well, I went, but it seemed to do me more harm, so I quit. I was much better after I quit.....but did do the light stretches.

My surgery was a success, but I still have a few things that I have "left-over" that will be with me forever, and that I can deal with. One of them is a numb right thigh when standing for more than 5 minutes. But sitting down relieves that. My legs are strong again, ankle reflexes came back, no more muscle spasms, no twitching, toes were weak before and now they are strong again. To this day, I have a reminder in some way or another that I've had a back surgery, but it is minor.

You may find out, down the road, that you might have a "flare-up" -- you might get that sciatica feeling again. If that happens, it will go away....sometimes it might take 2-3 weeks for it to go away, and you might wonder if you re-herniated. This has happened to me many times (flare-up), and I have not re-herniated. So, just giving you a heads up.

Good luck to you. You sound like you're doing great for only 1 week out of surgery. Take it slow and easy.

Take care,
Blue Diamond

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