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[QUOTE=Moldova;3551313]I am so sorry you have to deal with it after the whole year doing so well.
We all are doing a lot what we not suppose to do, but moving furniture i think it's too much.
I was told many times since we had fusion with hardware, we have to be careful for the rest of our lives. Just try to take it easy,otherwise you put too much pressure on a levels above and below. I had to have second fusion a year later after my first one because my upper levels gave up.

Take care and best wishes to you:angel:[/QUOTE]

Hey Maldovia, I hear you on that! I'm most cautious as I don't want to go back into surgery again! I'm still dealing with sciatic pain even after surgery in August! Come to find out that I have something called Periformis Syndrome. So I faithfully do my exercises and go to PT for alignment ( yes my therapist does that too!) and it helps to loosen up my sciatic nerves in both legs so I have less pain. "INPAINAGAIN" those of us who have had surgery I don't think will ever be as we were before our injury so you have to be careful in the future. I do hope you feel better soon, perhaps you may want to try a heat wrap? As always your added to the prayer list which is quickly growing longer!

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