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[QUOTE=stay2654;3567033]Thank you for caring. It seems at time like these, noone does. Is Tynelol that bad for you? I am not sure what nerve pain is? My legs hurt, my hips hurt and my incisions hurt very bad. It hurts to walk, etc. No, they did not give me anything besides percocets when I left the hospital. I also had a follow up appt, but they didnt give me anything either. So in 3 weeks had 2 RX for percs and 2 rxs for vicodin hp. I am sorry its been 4 weeks.[/QUOTE]

Tylenol in large amounts is not good. You will probably be okay temporarily but you should never exceed 3,000 per day per FDA. My doctor likes to keep it at 2000 per day.

If you are having spasms, legs jumping, pulsing, cramping, tight muscles, you might need a muscle relaxant. It feels like a tightness in the muscle area - charley horse - temporary moment of muscle tightening.

Nerve pain can be burning, shooting pains down the leg, pricking, tingling, pins and needles, electric shocks, "bursting" or "jumping" sensations.

Hope this helps.

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