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Re: Who to see
Jun 3, 2008
I just started crying when I left the orthopedist today. I don't really know to much more than the first appointment. I guess the good news is I don't have any bulging or herniated disc. I do have ddd at L3 and L4. He still did not answer my question of why my left butt cheek hurts all the way to my knee and then my leg will go numb/heavy feeling. He gave me a rx for a pain killer and sent me onto PT to get my core stronger. I want to know what is causing the pain and how to fix it or make it not happen anymore. I think I would like to see another doctor but from asking around he is the best spine ortho in our area. Should I see a neurosurgeon now. I am confused. I was worked in at the physical therapy office for today. He gave me different exercises to do than the last one. I feel like a wimp for hurting this bad and nothing showing on the mri that is wrong with me. I am tired of hurting. Thanks for listening.

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