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I have had this problem for a week now, and I can not take it anymore, and I am hoping someone can help me. I finally made an appt for tomorrow morning with my doctor for OMT.

I am having back pain, sometimes moderate to severe, in my upper right side, by my shoulder blade, and when I take a deep breath, the pain can be severe, and it sometimes rotates around to the front of my body. It has not gotten better, and I am wondering what it could be. Is it another painful ailment of having fibromyalgia, or have I hurt my back. I feel I have hurt my back. I have been using heat and cold, and taking muscle relaxants to help.

Everyday I tell myself, I am going to rest, and I try my best, but I cannot continue to have this. It is bad enough to have fibro, myofascial pain, and tmjd, and suffer chronic pain everyday, but now to add horrible back pain?

Can anybody help me with what this might be, and what I should do? At least I made an appt for tomorrow.

Thank you


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