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For the last month, I have been seeing a chiropractor for a soreness I have been experiencing in my back. Months ago, I began experiencing a soreness in my abdomen. When the tests I underwent didn't reveal a cause, and when I began to feel a numbness in my mid back, I decided to see the chiropractor.

X-rays revealed that I did have 3 or 4 areas in need of alignment. Ever since I have been undergoing the adjustments, the numbness has seemed to subside. However, I have now been experiencing additional soreness in my shoulder blade, occasionally ribs, as well as slight numbness in my right arm. Also, sometimes when I wake up in the morning, my hip area and upper buttock are sore. Everything I feel is on my right side.

When I rub on a certain area of my mid back, just beside my spine, I can feel the soreness and sometimes feel it in my shoulder blade and rib. Could this all be due to a nerve? My chiropractor never mentioned that I have a pinched nerve. And when I question him on what could be the cause of all of this, he just rattles off possibilities, nothing concrete.

Also, while I am undergoing the adjustments or even putting pressure on the area myself, it almost feels as if my rib cage wants to shift. The chiropractor did say that the ribs could shift with the adjustments. But, again, I am not sure if that's what I'm feeling.

If this is a nerve issue, I would be happy. The longer this goes on and I don't have any concrete answers, I just get worried that it could be something more serious, like lung cancer (even though I don't smoke and the only symptoms I have of it would be the shoulder soreness and cough).

Any input would be appreciated.

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