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Hi LAF ~

Are you icing after therapy sessions? Have you tried putting a heating pad on the area for about 15 minutes and then doing gentle stretching?? Maybe gentle stretches for the piriformis muscles and exercises for the SI joints? And maybe then some icing?

I know from my "experience," other things kind of get out of whack after the surgery. I've found that the more I try to work with my whole spine, and core muscles, and pelvic floor muscles, the better I am getting. There is a good book out called [U]Pilates for Fragile Backs: recovering strength and flexability after surgery, injury or other back problems.[/U] Kind of a long title, but you get the has some good tips in it, things you can work on yourself...but slowly and gently.

I guess you shouldn't do anything until you get an MRI, but I really think you'll be OK and that it is that weird nerve stuff left over from the surgery itself. I have heard many people say that the bone graft is the very worst part and can take up to a year to resolve. I'm glad I avoided that part of the torture.

Hang in there, sweetie!! I have a new philosophy. I have been having some new electrical sensations in my leg...and instead of going "What's going on," I think of it as good news because more nerves are waking up. :D:cool: Just call me Ms. Pollyanna.

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