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Hey guys, my 1st post here.

I really do need some advice about my current situation Hope you guys can help....

For the last 6 years I have been suffering from upper spine/neck pain. Pain originated from stupidly long periods at the computer in a hunched sloutching position. Over time my spine has lost its natural curve and nerves are being pinched by disks in my spine/neck. I first started getting these pains at quite a young age and because the pain runs right up back of my neck it leads to headaches and I honestly believed I had some kind of fatal brain disease and I was so scared I refused to tell anyone about it or get checked out incase it was (stupid I know) and the problem got worse.

Eventually I did go and get myself checked out and I was given some pain killas from doctor, (suposedly the strongest they could perscribe) and they worked sometimes but most of the time did nothing. I was also sent to a physio which gave me a few basic stretches to do, which helped but only gave me some short term relief.... frustrated I decided to go private and went to a chriopracter. After the consultation and xrays etc he pretty much explained to me what the problem was and that the treatment he offered would fix it. So I went along to the sessions 3x a week and had adjustments and have to say it felt amazing... like instant pain relief... However I STUPIDLY went back to some old bad habits of sloutching at PC and pretty much undone all the good that was being done between sessions.... unfortunately my finacial situation got bad and I couldnt carry on with the treatment so never did get to find out if that was the answer. And my current financial situation doesn't allow me to go back there now either (I'm on long term sick) I personally think its shocking that this treatment isnt available on the NHS...

This really has effected my life in such a huge way and I'm angry at myself for not getting it sorted out sooner. Right now though I really am not sure what the answer is. My days are 80% filled with pain to the point where the simplist of tasks like having a conversation become difficult, because the lack of concentraion you have when you mind is filled with pain, especially when all those nerves are all based around your CNS? The only time I feel somehwat ok is if I've slept well; I sometimes get a couple hours where its not so bad.. in the morning or after excercise which im doing daily.... but theres only so much you can do of that in a day. Oh and also for some reason that is beyond me during sex/masturbation the pain is almost non existent.

I recently bought an inversion table, for cheap, thought that might be the anwser hanging upside down and gravity decompressing the discs in my spine so the poor little nerves can breath.... And after the nightmare that was building it (worse instruction manual ever) turns out I can only withstand about 3 mins of inversion before it feels like my feet are about to be dislocated.... It does however give me some mild short term relief. I have been looking around at other products and one that has caught my eye is 'the whale,' Which is a kind of yoga bench that is in the shape of an arch and you lie back on it and its supposed reverse the effects of the forward rounding. I live in the UK and its going to pretty much empty out my bank account after shipping fees and Googling about I couldnt find anything similar.... I really am desperate to get back to living a pain free life and am seriously at the point where I'm considering ordering it.

I'm thinking If i got something like this and used it for several hours a day, I could slowly restore the curve in my spine... maybe one of those braces for when Im not using it so that I dont have the option to sloutch.

Let me know what you think and If you have any other advice about what I can do I'm all ears.

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