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Got MRI results today and have NO IDEA what any of it means! Of course doc will explain, but I would like to have a few other opinions too...

Here is what it says:

Minimal contour abnormality of disc osteophyte complex T12-L1 level paracentral location. No foraminal narrowing or significant effect upon descending or exiting nerve roots mild degeneration T12-L1disc. Remainder of discs lumbar spine normal. All vertebral bodies well maintained in stature and contour with no alignment abnormality noted. Minimal facet degeneration lower levels lumbar spine. No foraminal narrowing or canal stenosis at any level. Distal aspect of spinal cord is of normal signal and contour in the conus is seen to terminate at L1-L2 interspace level.

Impression: Minimal to mild degenerative changes of T12-L1 disc and facet joints lumbar spine.

NOW, LIKE I SAID, I DONT KNOW WHAT ANY OF THIS MEANS BUT IN LAYMAN'S TERMS, THATS A HECK OF A LOT OF MILDS AND MINIMALS FOR ALL OF THIS BACK PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is this saying that there is nothing wrong with my back that could be causing this HORRENDOUS PAIN?????

Thanks in advance for any replies!!!!

Gentle Hugs!

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