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Could you help me with some terms in my MRI Report?

"Examination shows extradual mass which fills the right lateral recess just superior to the L2 -3 interspace producing moderate compression against the anterolateral aspect of the thecal sac on its right side and compromise of the right neural foramen. The post contrast portion of the study shows enhancement within the mass with nonenhancing center. The position of the mass in the extradural space within the medial aspect of the right neural foramen and its enhancing characteristics suggest a differential diagnoissi of either a meningioma or a nerve sheath tumor such as a schwanoma. There is no disk herniation or other evidence of compromise of the spinal canal or neural formina at any other level throughout the lumbar region. There is a 1cm, extradual, enhancing mass within the right neural foramen and right lateral recess at L2-3. Extruded disk materail is felt to be less likely. The vertebral bodies, intervertebral disk and paraspinal structures are normal."

Can you explain what all this means?


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