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Hello countrymama, I'm 8 & 1/2 weeks out from my back surgery and I, too, no longer have the butt and down-both-legs pain. It went away right after surgery, then came back for about 3 days a week or so into recovery (and scared me, that it was back permanently), but it's been gone since then. So, for me, it wasn't a phantom pain, but actually did come back for a short bit. With it gone, I can now walk and stand again.., although sitting is now my challenge where it wasn't before. My hips, too, like yours, give me grief. My legs were weak in my earlier weeks of recovery, but as soon as I was able to get up and around more and, more importantly, when I was able to start squatting to retrieve things on low shelves and such, my legs started to strengthen some (not a lot). Right now, I'm doing pool therapy twice a week and just a few 'land' exercises (lol) to strengthen and stretch my leg, butt, and lower back muscles. I hate the exercises and am not in a 'feeling good' place with their results yet either. But, if it will get me to that place eventually and it is a real help even though it doesn't feel like it, I'll do it. I was off all my meds before 4 weeks post-op, but back on just a little over 2 weeks ago, first one day of Rx meds, then just OTC meds everyday and night since. I was feeling more 'active' and started doing more around the house (not much, nothing notable, believe me, just started finally doing some little things) right around the time I had to go back on the meds -of course. I have trouble with my legs going numb if I sit too long or in the wrong kind of chair and even my butt and lower waist have gone numb (when I was stupid and sat waayyyy too long in a crappy chair), but if I sit 'well', no problem. I do best reclined with my legs up off the ground --zero problems then. I'm still using the hospital bed we rented and am considering extending our rental another month. We have 3 choices for me to sit on for my 'feet up rests' and one choice for me to sleep in, other the rental bed, and none are suitable. We're considering buying new furniture and are going out today to see if we can find a sofa and a new reclining chair that are suitable. And, I'm going to once more try our 'one bed' today for a nap to see if I can manage it now. It IS going to be a long summer -I feel that, too. I get bored and frustrated a lot, but I try to focus on what's good, better, or improved to help me deal with it. I didn't realize recovery would be so snail-paced (and so "up-down" with moves forward, then setbacks --constantly) or that I would have physical difficulty with sooo much while my back heals from the surgery. I am so happy to have the full intensity of the sciatica pain I had go away completely, but it is quite an adjustment for me to work with the new pains and challenges the surgery brought. I'd say my recovery is going well, but 'well' includes a LOT of work and a lot of adjustments. I like to think I'm up for the challenge and that it's worth it. I get depressed sometimes, but it's not how I always feel and I sometimes feel quite grateful. I [I]love [/I]that I can stand and walk now, so I try to focus on that when I do get down.
I wish you the VERY best in your recovery -and attitude while recovering, too. Take care!

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