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Hey back buddies, getting paperwork around for upcoming appt. It's been a long week! As i have been doing this i am running across information about when this all started what was done, ect. You know the routine. Anyways tommorrow will be the big day as i go get good most recent copies i can get but in all reality since my last fall i have nothing! I haven't had an BRI of my back i believe it's been at the least a year and a half and a pelvic CT done almost a year ago. So, i guess time flies even if one is suffering, goes to say some of have to lead very busy fast faced as possible lives and suffer at the same time Anyway i will try to make this one as short as possible! I ran across and old MRI from like 2006 and new what it stated but never really payed much attention as they said this or that isn't the cause. Okay my question here is what maybe is the diagnosis for spinal canal demonstrates anterior epidural fat L4-L5 down into the sacral region? Is this what thier talking about that i have mild stenosis? As i understand that epidural is a or the space between something. But i thought spinal stenosis was a narrowing? Any advice as to what this means and could it be something else? And could they not have gave this any thought?
Love, Monkey

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