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Good Mornin, I just wanted to give my 6 week report and see what ya all think....Well,first off we took a xray and dr. says looks like i am starting to have a little bone growth...says there is some wispy looking like...thats how he described it....wispy....he says i am doing good...he said I can start lifting up tp 30 lbs...bending some...but still carefully...and I can start getting back to normal...He wants me to walk walk walk...I have been having some top leg weakness, very heavy..sometimes I can hardly lift my legs....he says this is probably due to lack of mobality..I was also given the bone stimulator...I have to admit I felt a little overwelmed...I have been out of the loop for 11 months now...I was feeling a little fearful...Its been so long since this all to get back to living...I dont want to over do it...He dosent want to start phyiscal therapy yet...not for another 6 weeks.
I am feeling alot better, still alot of swelling...but most off the pain is gone!!!
This has been quite the journey....So looks like I am on my way....I just wanted to share that...I know the first couple weeks were just awful, I am so glad I had this done....No Regrets.....Take Care, MaMa;)

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