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Aug 6, 2008
I am new to the board, have been reading alot on here the last couple of weeks. Lots of information and great support. I have been having some problems with my back for about 2 years. It started with lower back pain, then had some tingling sensations down the outer thigh of my left leg. It wasn't anything that concerned me at the time. Have you ever had your cell phone in your jeans pocket set on vibrate and felt that sensation go down your leg? I would actually feel to see if my phone was in my pocket. Back continued to get worse and then I noticed a numb feeling in my left outer thigh. Went for chiropractic care on two separate occassions, with little results. It would hurt so bad to have an adjustment in my upper/middle back that I quit going. I ended up going to family doc and they stuck needles in my leg and I realized there was very little feeling in it. I eventually agreed to an x-ray, which stated benign venous vascular calcifications noted in pelvis, mild disc space narrowing, L5-S1, mild dgenerative anterior marginal spurring lower thoracic levels, bones are osteopenic, osteopenia with no acute bone abnormality, mild spondylosis lower thoracic spine, no fracture or subluxation. My doc tells me I have spinal stenosis, gives me script for relafen. flexeril and take extra calcium. Now a year later our new family doc does MRI, which states benign superior and inferior endplate irregularites noted at T11 through L5 related to combination of change from prior Scheuermann disease and benign Schmorl node formation, minimal annular disc bulging L5-S1, no spinal stenosis or compression of neural structure. So I have been in p/t since May of this year 2 to 3 times a week, doing various back strengthening exercises, weight machines, recumbent bicycle and spinal decompression traction?? I am still having problems, my doctor wants me to continue with p/t and consider having nerve ablation. I have noticed a decrease in the burning pain into my leg but now the burning and hurting is up the left side into my shoulder blades and neck. I no longer want to do p/t. My doctor hasn't really explained to me what is wrong, but I am tired of being in pain every day.I asked for a referral to a specialist and she said they wouldn't do anything unless I had a ruptured disc. By reading over my x-ray and MRI reports I would think there was very little wrong and wondering where all this pain is coming from. Sorry this is so long, if you have any insight, thoughts or advice I am more than willing to here it. Thanks for listening and hope you all have a pain-free evening.


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