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I was given the scan on 4th July 08.

Sagittal and axial T1 and T2W images performed.

There is dehydration and disc spine narrowing at the L5-S1 level. Axial sections show no significant abnormaility at L3-4 or L4-5. At LS-S1 there is broadbased disc prolapse slightly worseon the right with significant narrowing of the right neural exit foramen. There is also a small central disc component just in contact with the left ventral sac and possibly the left S1 root.

The pain is in the back of my legs and extends down to the arches of my feet.
In then moves to the front and sides of my legs when I am sitting down. Casts taken of my feet because I did not have the proper rolling action of my feet and it was forcing my toes to perform like a clawing motion.

I go to osteopaths, cariopractors, massage, podiaist. Nothing has given me
any long term help. The last 18 months my symptoms are now constant and I feel my only hope is a back operation.

Can anyone help!!!!
Please please see a FELLOWSHIP trained Orthopedic or Neurosurgeon. Its important that they have had this extra time training.
It sounds like your L5/S1 disc is herniated ( I am not a doctor or radiologist!)
and it is hitting your nerve root. If you wait too long you can cause permanent damage by the nerve being compressed too long.
I am praying you find answers for your pain!!


Michelle is correct. Your MRI report indicates that your disc located between the last lumbar vertebra and first sacral vertebra is herniated, and it is worse on the right side, with "significant narrowing of the right neural exit foramen." This means the little hole (Foramen) that should be clear so the nerve root can exit is blocked by stuff from the herniated disc. This causes pain.

There is also a slight problem at the same level on the left side which is possibly pressing on the left SI nerve root. This disc is apparently the source of your pain. (These nerve roots exit through the foramens and then bind together to form the sciatic nerve, the largest nerve in the body that runs across the buttocks and down the back of your leg.) The dermatome for the SI nerve root typically (meaning, for most people) runs down the back of the leg, slightly more to the outside than the inside...into the outside of the foot, to the little toe. The SI nerve root is responsible for pulling up the foot.

Unfortunately, with a pinched nerve, you can have tons of PT, massage, etc. but, in most cases, it is not going to "unpinch" that nerve.

Most on this board are going to suggest that you find a fellowship trained spinal specialist and make an appointment for a consultation. A chiropractor making adjustments could make your situation much worse.

Hope this information helps you to understand your situation.

xx M:wave:M
PLEASE! Go see a NeuroSurgeon! I went to a Chiropractor when I had a "crick" in my neck. I ended up having part of my spine removed and a cadaever bone placed in its place with brackets. I have permanent nerve damage in my left hand. I later found out I have degenerative disc disease affecting my total spine. Have a Spinal Chord Stimulator in my lower back for similar problems as you have. It is great on reducing about 50% of pain but I am on a Duragesic Patch 50 which is one of the strongest meds you can be on. I am telling you all of this because if you keep messing around with DO's and Chiropractors like I did, you are at risk of having permanent nerve damage also! I will NEVER go to a Chiropractor again! Don't mess around! See a Professional Now!


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