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well I am a nurse, and I have multi level bulging discs,the one causing the problems is at L5, causing S1 irritation. I've had it for nearly 6 months now, with severe back pain, sciatica in both legs down to my feet, the left being the worst. I was off work for months, but have recently started a phased return to work. I am lucky in as much that I can avoid sitting and standing for too long, as both cause considerable exacerbation of symptoms, but I as most nurses are on our feet, moving about continuously. I failed my phased return 3 times and am now on my fourth attempt. I am now managing to do 5 hours every other day, but luckily we have a sofa in our staff room, which i lay on for 10-15 minutes if the pain gets too much. I make sure I am well dosed up with pain relief. I have just had caudal epidural and facet joint injections and hoping this will further help me to get fully back on my feet. It is with no doubt a struggle, my life has been turned upside down,but with good support from my lovely husband and from my colleagues at work, I hope to beat this, I refuse to let it beat me. Dont give up hope, you got to get on top of that pain, be its master, not its slave and good luck!!

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