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hi guys,
Right i need some advice on what to do cos i'm unsure,sorry if it may be a lil long. I basically need to see if i need to go to a chiropractor or a physiotherapist and what the difference is in both of them.

Some background. i'm 24 and since i was 18 i've started having problems in my lower back. i'm small and petite. i started woking in a pub when i was 18 and i reckon maybe a year or so later(cud have been before i can't remember) i noticed some small changes in my lower back. the only thing i can describe it as was my lower back would "go". for maybe ten mins i wudn't be able to bend over to far. then it wud just go. it would happen every now and again. I put this down to having to carry the trays of pint glasses to and from the dishwasher and it put a strain on my lower back, as i said i'm small so maybe it was to much for my back. at 20 i stopped working in the pub but still noticed my back would go every now and again. at 22 i got a job as a waitress and thisinvolved again ifting trays and i noticed that my back would again start to hurt and i was certain it was defo from my previous work in the pub.

So last sept i went away to uni and i would come home every now and again with a back pack that i would carry. after about 5 times of doing this i notcied my back was starting to get worse and more frequent and that standing or walking or anything more than a half an hour would put a strain on my lower back to the point where i found it sore and stif to bend over much. so i came home in may from uni and i started to notced it again getting worse and more maybe weak. a walk from my house to the sops(15 mins each way) would have my back sore and againunable to bend over much. i'm 24 this should't be happening.

So 2 weeks ago i had a bad fall off a horse and as soon as i landed i felt my back but slighty higher up, not so much lower. so ever since my back is so sore.. but i'm again working in a pub and lifting trays. its now gotten so bad that its more of a constant thing now om my lower back up to near themiddle. I try to bend over slghty in work to strech it but i dunno if this could be doing morebad than worse also sometimes when i do try an stech it its like it catches my breath. last night i was sitting downand i put my feet up in front of me and suddenly i got a pain up my back. this has now scared me, hence why i'm here. also when i fell i hurt my neck and it was sore to look left. its eased up but when i woke this morning it was very sore and has been at me all day. a few mins ago i move my back slighty and i got a pain up it(but lower down)

Ok so, sorry about all the above i'm just a lil scared i've done something bad and lasting damage. i wanna go get it checked but people have said to see a chiropractor others say a physio. i dunno if its nerves or cartlidge weakening or muscle or if they just need to crack it or something!!!...
Any advice..

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