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I swear you guys, I am starting to lose it. I went thru 5 yrs. of neck problems and medical incompetency only to end up with a 2 level fusion in Jan. of 2007. Four months after that surgery, my lower back started hurting a lot, with a lot of hip pain to the point of limping. It is now a year and a half later and it is worse, with pain when walking and standing (not sitting). I have the symptoms of stenosis except no numbness or bad pain in legs (just weakness and limping). After numerous spinal injections (and of course my MRI said I had stenosis, arthritis, and bulging disks at 3 levels), I finally got sent to the orthopedic spinal surgeon....the one who successfully did my neck. He made me wait 2 hours and 45 mins. Then he hardly gave me the time of day. He peeked at my MRI, said my MRI report meant very little and that I dont need surgery. Then he tells me to get a pelvic Xray, which I did in his office. I came back into the exam room, of course he was long gone. The nurse took the Xray and said he would take a peek at it (gee ,thanks buddy). She came back and said I need to see a regular ortho, not a spine ortho because of hip arthritis. (I am 52). I go to see a hip specialist 3 days ago and all he could do was shake his head because he said I had no hip arthritis and had symptoms of stenosis. Now, tomorrow I am seeing the ortho spinal guy in HIS practice. This morning I called my physiatrist because he is the one who sent me to the spine surgeon who did my neck and made me wait 2 hrs. and 45 mins. He is also the guy who did my injections. (the physiatrist). I am pretty sure he wouldnt be sending me to a spinal surgeon if he didnt think I needed one. He's way on the ball. He said I would probably need a FORAMINOTOMY. I had it in my head i was getting one of those and then the surgeon says its my hip. Now again its my spine. oy. Now I sit here waiting for his nurse to call me back to see what the heck to do. School starts tomorrow (I am a sub). I cant work, because I cant stand up long. I had such a meltdown in the car after that hip guy kept shaking his head as to why I was seeing here in the first place. I went thru this crap with my neck. I researched everything to the hilt. I kept asking the Dr. WHY is he not injecting C6-C7 since I had symptoms of nerve impingment there. Yet he would only focus on C4-5 and C5-6. Naturally when all was said and done I ended up being right and got a fusion at C5-6 and C6-7. WHY DO I HAVE TO BE THE ONE TO TELL THESE DRS. STUFF, I ASK???? I am so discouraged by the mismanagement over and over. Any advice??????

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