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Re: Lower back pain
Aug 12, 2008
Hi, Navarrdv . . . I have sciatica that started occurring after a fall on my tail bone 20 some years ago. It has had a few bad times up until the last few years as it seems with the coming of older age, it does not take much for the sciatica to act up.

Mine wraps around to my hip and often down my leg causing charlie horses.

When it is really bad, my feet will seem to lose control when I am walking.

Sciatica is basically a pinched nerve in your lower back. While for many years I only felt it on the right side, I now occasionally feel it on the left as well. It is aggravated by heavy lifting, repetitive motion, bouncing in a moving vehicle, sitting in one position too long or even laying in a wrong position while sleeping at night.

X-ray findings after my accident did not prove or disprove that I had it but physical examination and having me move certain ways did.

Ask your doctor if it could be sciatica.

Keep us posted!

Lindaru :)

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