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Anyway, has anyone experienced foot and leg burning to a point where it is way too painful to even sleep? I use lots of ice but did not expect this. What is crazier is that I never had an issue with my left leg and now that is where all my problems are. This is my 3rd back surgery at the ripe age of 39, this one was more permanent then the others. Just wandering how long this is going to last, the only way I sleep is with ambien. Just started PT and I am sore but still burning. Going on a cruise in 29 days and advice to help out my situation would be great. Oh booked the cruise before I had a problem with back and did not buy the insurance.:(
I have the nerve pain as well and from what I can tell it is a pretty common occurrence. I am 20 weeks post op L3-S-1 fusion. I have found that if I ice my back several times a day for 20 minutes I can get it to stop burning. I also try to get in the pool and just stand in the water so that it is above where the incision site is. I have gotten to know the lifeguards pretty well and I have them lower me in and out on the electric chair or to put in the walk-in steps. I am also working with the physical therapist to show me a position I can lay down with ice on my back that doesn't aggravate the nerve pain. My surgeon and PT say that it will eventually go away. Walking has also helped it and I ice my back as soon as I finish. Lastly, I just bought one of the NASA foam mattress - an off brand and it has also really helped. Good luck, I hope these suggestions help you. :angel:

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