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Sorry I haven't updated lately. Since my last Post My husband has had a new MRI done; been refered to a Neuro; undergone an EMG (which was no picnic), undergone another MRI (this time of his upper back); and seen another Neuro from the same group as the 1st Neuro. His first MRI showed everything to appear fine and the fusion looked to be progessing good. The 1st Neuro did some basic evaluations and requested a EMG, another MRI (this time futher up his back) and also requested he meet with the 2nd Neuro. The EMG shows everything to be normal. We are still awaiting the result from the 2nd MRI. And yesterday we meet with the 2nd Neuro. The Dr looked over his chart reviewing everything that had been done and the results of all testing. Then the Dr did his own evaulation. His determination is FAILED BACK SYNDROME. He told us that at this time he could not think of anything else that could be done to help. However, he was hopeful that with time my husbands condition will get better, it may take some time, but all indicators are good. Unfortunately though there is nothing that can been done medically to help speed up the process. We will just have to wait and see how quickly his body heals. Could be months or even years. DR recommeded to continue fighting for his SSDI. I also wanted to Thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers through this difficult time. Now all we have left to do is continue to follow up with the DR and put the healing process in God's hands.

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