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Hello everyone,
Just returned from the doctor today with still no answer to why my lower back is hurting so bad.(This has been going on for about 5 years) I have trouble standing after about 5 minutes on my feet.
I took all of my copies of the doctor's notes with me this time and made notes on them after looking up some of the findings that he had listed from the last time. He did not like this very much. Here are some of the this that I believe that could be causing some of my problems but, if anyone know more than I do or thinks I am off base please let me know.
1. L5-S1 there is mild posterior disk space narrowing,disk desiccation, and a shallow Schmorl's node in the superior endplate of S1.
Impression: mild lumbar spondylosis
2.Mild right foraminal stenosis at the fusion level, C5-6 and minimal foraminal stenosis on the right, at C6-7
Impression:slight cervical spondylosis(minimal foraminal narrowing
3.Minor spondylosis at C5-6 and minmalspondylosis at C4-5 and C6-7(C5-6 as been fused last year.
4.Mild uncoverebral hypertrophy with mild left foraminal encrouachment at C4-5

Now all this was from one doctor in Charleston, SC. But, 5 years ago I had MRI done at Stanford Hospital in Stanford,Ca by one of the top surgically doctors in the national and he said that I had disk bulges at C5-C6 and C4-C5. From what I know bulge disk do not fix themselves.
So, why am I having so much trouble getting someone to help me out? Is it me of is the entire medical system like this?

So, to ramble for so long but, I hurt all the time and I feel that no one believes me.


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