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Mechanical pain means it's causes by a problem with some body structure; it could be musculoskelatal pain, nerve pain, arthritic pain, muscle or ligament pain, etc...and is related to movement. So usually when you have a problem and you move, it causes pain in whatever area has the problem.

Non-mechanical usually means it's constant and it doesnt matter if you move or not, nor what position you are in; it could also mean having pain all day and ALL night (however, I have had mechanical pain which did cause constant pain all night no matter what position I was in so there are always exceptions to everything ) It could be pain related to organ problems, cancers, things like that.

Yes, it does happen that physicians can miss where someone's pain is coming from. If you've ever had sciatica, then you know that pain that is caused by a problem in the spine can refer (radiate) away from the spine to other areas (like all the way down the legs, into the feet...or down the arms & into the hands). Sometimes it gets hard to pinpoint where someone's pain is coming from, especially when imaging doesnt' "find" something. But imaging can't necessarily see everything, either. Before I had surgery, my MRI's did find alot, however, when I had surgery, I needed other areas cleaned out that were not picked up on the MRI's.

Now...I have pain in both outer hip areas, my sacroiliac area, and it just feels like my whole pelvic girdle hurts. I cannot walk using my upper hips to propel forward, I have to use my knees. My spine doc isn't sure if something else is causing referred pain into my hips/pelvic/sacro area, or it's much of the pain is referred from my hips. But he compared my last hip x-rays with recent ones and said my hip arthritis has it's possible. But no one really seems to know. So I am just taking several meds to help for the pains.
But I can no longer afford to have any more testing done, so I just have to tough it out somehow.

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