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My plight
Sep 8, 2008
Hello everyone.
I am still not doing very well. I had high hopes for my surgery (as I am sure all of us do). I am 9 months post op now. The surgeon said two weeks ago that he just now sees a tiny bit of fusion, not much though. Since I have such terrible nerve pain in my right leg and still back pain he did a CT Scan this week. Just waiting for the results. My PM doctor wants to do an epidural injection this week to see if it helps with the pain. Plus he mentioned a Spinal cord stimulator. I have read briefly about that, anyone here a post fusion patient that has a spine stimulator that would care to share their experience?
I guess what I don't understand is this: Why does my back still hurt? The disc was removed right so how could it still hurt? The fact that it is not fused does not necessarily cause pain from what I am told. And this terrible nerve pain in my legs, mainly the right leg, if no nerve is pinched why haven't the nerves calmed down yet, nine months seems like an fair amount of time. My PM doc said nerves are tricky and it can take a year + for them to settle down. I just hope and pray its not perm. :( Anyone get relief from Cymbalta and Lamicital? Those are the 2 new meds they put me to see if I could get some relief.
Thanks in advance....


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