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Re: Epidural Shot
Sep 11, 2008
Just got back home from the injections feel ok thus far was a little sick to my stomach after the procedure. Sitting is a bit better at the moment, and walking or standing still the same pain. But will give it a couple of days to see how it goes.

Though let me tell ya I was about ready to cancel the procedure when I got to the hospital. They tried 5 times trying to start the IV and my arms are a complete mess (not including an additonal poke because of the blood draw). I admit I don't have the worlds nicest veins to work with as they see a needle and run for the hills and often don't have many if any visiable ones. After an arguement with 3 people trying to start the IV, and the anest. guy trying and getting pist because he could get it in. (I jumped and move as he was trying to get a vein from the bottom part of your wrist), he dug, twisted poke moved all around and at one pont felt as though he was going threw the wrist this is when I jumped. LOL.

So now he's pist and aggravated wanting to use ankle or feet and or giving me a choice not to have pain/knock out meds during the procedure. Told him I want to see my doctor, see what we can do and I want my boyfriend back in here NOW!!!! To say the least was slightly a bit pissed off at the man. My doctor comes in, calms me down says it isn't all that bad to use no anest. but my brain is focus on thinking of the discography I had done 2 weeks ago and was like no way. So he says he will try in the room. He tries 2 times under the right wrist now and no go. Tried numbing my arm between wrist and elbow no pain, but no go. He ended up using a ultrasound to get the IV started. Anyways back home like 10 pokes after (not including the epidural injections). Those 10 are just to get the blood (1 try) and 9 times to start the IV. This is the only hospital I swear that had this much problem with my veins. Granted other places they have some fits, but not like this.

Going to take it easy for the rest of the day.

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