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I had Discectomy in 2007 for herniated disc. Great until 7 weeks post op pain returned. Had another MRI and was told nothing surgeon could do and he sent me to pain specialist. One year on still in pain on lh side of back and down into my leg which gets worse when I sit or lie down. The pre op MRI and post op MRI appear the same, what should I do
Did they do a discogram prior to the surgery to be sure where your pain was coming from?

Is the pain prior to surgery the same as what came on after surgery -- same location, same type of pain, etc?? Is the pain more in your back or leg?

The pain gets worse when you sit or lie down, right? Does that mean you don't have it when standing or walking?

I had surgery for severe spinal stenosis and also had some disks snipped away. I did very well for about 5 to 6 months, then I had a severe sciatica episode (numb left foot, severe pain down the whole sciatic nerve from rear end, down leg, and in my ankle. I did have some bulges and herniations again, but my doc thought it was mostly due to scar tissue. I actually had something stuck in my left lateral recesss and I had to get a nerve block done. After the nerve block, I did have pain relief. Though gettting the block was horrible. At first I had to feel it and they hit some spot and I thought I would go through the roof. But that only lasted a few weeks; that particular pain did not come back right away, but I got a slew of other pain & symptoms, even in new areas, that I never had before - after the steroids in the injection wore off.

I assume your post MRI included an MRI with and without contrast? IF you get it with contrast, it can show scar tissue much better....

Unfortunately, having surgeries never guaranteees that one will always be 100% again. It seems like many people end up with problems afterwards.

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