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My CT scan also showed bilateral spondylosis at L5. The problem is that everyone is saying it develops because of aging. I just turned 22. The doctor says I was born with it. How is this possible? PLEASE HELP. I wish to be entering the police academy next year and I need to take care of this ASAP!!! I am desperate for a quick and easy way to get rid of this pain! PLEASE HELP!! :confused:

I have low back pian. Sometimes its just achey pain and others its a stabbing pain. My feet also fall asleep (the pins and needles feeling) when i am running. Then that feeling goes away when i am done running to numbness. My feet also sometimes turn purple. If im sitting in class for a long time i have to stand up becasue the pain gets so bad. I feel like everyone is looking at me when i randomly stand up. I am currently working at a funeral home and I have to wear dress shoes as well as stand for long periods of time as well and the pain gets worse! HELP!!!

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