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I had PLIF and decompression in Jan 08 on L5/S1. I had the same pain when sitting before. It fixed that part but my pain/numbness/weakness in left leg is back. It is giving out and causing pain and goes to sleep quickly if i am still. I do the exercises I am supposed to and have great pain. I get an epidural tomorrow. We will see how it goes. I had one last year and got a spinal fluid leak. This one is supposed to be a TF which I think is different than the one last year. The dr that did that one said no more after the leak and it didnt last.
Prayers you get it worked out and can avoid surgery. I went to 3 drs and wish I had went to one more. If it is mentioned again I am asking for a referral to the other one I wish I had seen. Be sure and shop around for drs. The one I had seemed very nice, then at the hospital nothing went as I had been told in the literature. I was told 2-7 nigts and sent home next day,told stitches and woke up w/ over 20 staples in an incision they said would be much smaller. The staff in the overnight unit I was in was horrendous. I was told by my parents that I was a hateful patient on the meds they gave me. They werent working and they were late giving my my depression meds. I had a private room and was told my friend could stay and then had to pitch a fit for her to be able to. Just a mess.
Prayers going up for you!
Best wishes,

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