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i went to the doctor as every morning when gettin up if i lay on back it was really sore or my side it meant my hip really sore,i felt as if i was getting no rest. i bought a memory foam topper for my bed and made no difference it would be great to wake up and not be in any pain. and i always found it really sore when doing exercises involving lifting my leg up when i m ilaying on side that really hurt my hip. the right hip has alway s made clicking sounds when i m moving and sometime s when turning over in bed i get a pain the only way i can describe it is as if my hip is going out the socket. My right hip is sore most days it throb s. doc arranged for an xray it came back, my hip s clear but i have spina biffida occulta? could that be the cause of my pain in my hip. also i m finding i am in discomfort if i sit for a while again throbbing pain. My doc thinks the problem with my hip is to do with when i was pregnant i had a lot of pain with hip s and pelvis and had crutches to walk but my son is now 4 and this has only really got worse in past 6 months. i am waiting to go and see the orphepidic doctor. has anyone any advise or tips.

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