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I know how you feel about the rib problem, I can't lie on my side anymore because I feel like my rib cage is going to crush. I have a problem with the ligaments that attach to the rib cage, they are weakened as the after results of being rear ended. As to the chiro, everyone is different. I first saw a chiro after the accident and wound up in more pain than when I first started. I was having horrible muscle spasms between my shoulder blades and PT wasn't helping. My neighbor begged me to go to her chiro and I was scared to go because I didn't want to go through that horrendous cracking they do. This chiro is different, she is hands on and uses a form of kinesiology to work on the muscles and alignment of my back. After seeing her the very first time I walked out of there with the spasms completely gone. They came back after awhile and so I went back to her, that's when I learned the spasms were actually coming from the weakened ligaments which when the muscles tightened up my ribs would "slip". So she has been working on me now for awhile using this technique and gets me up and functioning again. At one point I had a stiff left shoulder, went to the ortho he told me it was tendonitis, I could barely lift my hand and arm up and he said it could take a month to resolve and if I was still hurting then cortisone injections. He told me NOT to go to a chiro. First thing I did when I left his office was call my chiro to see if she could help me with the shoulder pain. She told me to come right in. I'm not sure what she did but she gently manipulated my shoulder with no cracking stuff and then she taped my shoulder which she said would help leave space for inflammation to settle down faster. 3 days later I was able to fully move my shoulder and arm again without any pain. So much for a month of pain and cortisone shots. I never went back to that ortho again because he let me walk out of there in agony and having two kids at home I couldn't wait a month waiting for it to resolve.

So long way around your question...your chiro is not the right person for you. Look into a chiro who practices kinesiology, it is much more gentle an approach and she has given me such relief in dealing with a very chronic problem such as my ribs. My only other option is to do prolotherapy but it is expensive and not covered by insurance and I'm terrified of the pain from the injections. But I think I'm getting to the point where I may consider it next Spring as my chiro can only keep putting my ribs back so often where even I'm tired of it, but at least she helps me and does relieve the pain with her care.

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