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Back in June I had a hard fall. I thought I was just bruised but about a week later my back started going into spasms so I went to an orthopedic Dr. and had an MRI and x-rays done. It turns out that I have a compression fracture around the T8 or T9. After 3 1/2 months I continue to get spasms in that same area that radiate around to the front when I make certain movements. I was sent to PT and did that 3/week throughout September. I thought I was feeling better and bingo, while doing an exercise at PT the spasms started again.

I returned to the Dr. and was x-rayed once more. There was no change in the x-ray. The Dr.'s concern was that I had done more damage somehow, but that was not the case. My question was if there is no change, why wasn't at least some healing showing. He explained that he really couldn't tell how much healing had occurred based on the x-ray. I guess this just confuses me. I was told I could return to PT but I'm leary of doing so.

Has anyone else had a similar experience with on-going muscle spasms?

Also, how long does it usually take for a compression fracture in the T8 area to heal. (Yes, I'm 65 and I know it takes longer for me than someone younger. LOL)

I'd appreciate any input to my situation.

Thank you

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