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I really don't have an answer as to what might be wrong but I can say I could have written your post myself. I have severe lower back pain in the morning and the constant buzzing feeling in my groin, I thought I was the only strange one ;P

You might try sleeping with a pillow between your legs as mentioned. I've done this since a child since it keeps your spine in alignment. I also hug a small couch type pillow because my shoulders colapse.

I haven't found it to be effective for me however (pillow between legs) for the pain too much. It is worse if the pillow slips out though. I've also tried at least 3 different mattresses with no luck in eleviating the pain thinking it was my bed. My pain lasts for a few hours until my medication actually begins to work. It's frustrating and I totally understand what you must be going through.

Be careful sleeping with a pillow under your knee itself, it can cut off vital circulation (learned about that after my last hip replacement, never knew).

I also have a few herniations like you as well as disk space loss and swelling of the thecal sac I think they said. I see my doctor in a few weeks, if anything crops up I'll let you know.

Good luck and let us know how you do!

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