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Please bear with me as this is a bit of a long story. I have had spinal problems for years mostly neck ( herniated disc and athritis) but niggling lower back pain as well. A year ago I started to get severe stabbing nerve pain about 5 mins after waking on left side of lower back. As this is also time I have my first of three bowel movements I was also sent for bowel tests. Incidentally I also had suspect appendicitis a few months later that wasn't but had appendix out and surgeon looked at all my bowel etc and all well. I then in July this year had colonoscopy that was compeltely normal.

A year ago I had an mri of lumbar spine which showed herniation at L4/5 and S1 with ddd in all lumbar discs. At that time the waking pain was only lasting a minutes and was a nuisance.

6 months ago the morning pain became much more severe - it is just like a dentist drilling into a nerve. I also started to get leg pain and symptoms.

My Dr is sending me for an up to date MRi of lumbar spine to see if anyting different from last one. Have had mri of sacro illiac and pelvis which showed degeneration of joints.

Recently I developed a intense buzzing sensation in my pubic area so saw Dr who tested me to see if I was developing cauda equina syndrone he even spoke to neurosurgeon who said as I have no numbness in bottom or anal region and I can still wee okay it sounds more like herniated disc so just have my mri scan when it is arranged sometime this month.

I am really really struggling to cope with the morning pain as on a scale of 1-10 its a 9!

The pain seems to be related to my bowels as well as it becomes intense for about 15 mintsh before I have a bowel movement but have been told that the spine and bowel could all be interlinked.

Just like anyones ideas on what is going on with me??

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