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Hi everyone.

I had my MRI today. I will not know the results until my ortho appointment on Wednesday, but I have been studying the pictures (I got to take a disc home with me), and I have compared them to pictures on the internet. I also decided to take a look at my x-ray pictures from when I was diagnosed with Spondy. On the x-ray, I can clearly see the fracture. It looks to be at my L5 pars. So the spondy is at L5, I think. The vertabrae is definately bulging forward, but not as dramatically as I had pictured (for the amount of pain I have been in I pictured this amazing looking slip). I am also pretty sure I can see a herniation of the disc above it, and a possible disc bulge below it. The disc seems to extend beyond the bone causing an indentation in the nerve. Also, the disc above the spondy seems to have less fluid(white color) in it. The other weird thing is, my spinal curve in the lumbar area seems way too dramatic to be normal. I do have a big dimple in my back (besides the regular creece everybody has). But in the pictures when I am in the standing position, it is almost a 90 degree angle from my spine to my tail bone. Is that normal? It is really bothering me that I will not know results until Monday.
Am I totally nuts for thinking I can read these? Or is it possible that I might be on to something here?

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