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tho this doesn't sound like a clot issue,you can have a doppler scan(and ultrasound using that doppler tool?) run on the vessels within your legs just to see if there isn;t some level of blockage. i had to have this done a couple years ago. the thing is,with clots,you would actually have some level of heat generation going on in a particular spot too. this was my main symptom that turned out to just be related to my RSD,but it had me worried. its just pretty simple to rule out clots these days if you need to. swelling,redness and tenderness over a vessel are also symptoms too. i really think just based upon what you have stated as symptoms that this is more than likely a hip issue or even a knee that has some issues can also cause you pain in the hip area on down too. it creates a problem with the way that hip ball sits within the socket,you know what i mean? anything that changes your gait,the way you would normally walk,can cause problems from the hip on down. just an FYI. i hope you can find the sources for both your guys's issues soon. but like i mentioned above,if you feel this could at all be a possible blood clot issue,it can be very easily ruled out, if nothing else,it would ease worried minds. i do know what thats like. good luck to the both of you. marcia

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