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Thanks for your replies. I had my 1st surgery 2001 a decompression of L2-L3. Another decompression L2-L5 2003. The first surgeon decompressed the wrong vertebra. This was not successful so in 2004 I underwent a spinal fusion from S1 through to L5. Big mistake!! Ever since a have suffered with chronic pain in my lower back and both legs and feet. Both legs and lower back feel numb to touch. My bladder function has also been effected. I have to use catheters when ever I need a pee. I was offered the SCS in June and thought this was the answer so I said yes after a little research. Sitting here writing this I really wished I had not bothered. I have even more pain in my lower back. It has helped a little with the pain in my legs. I have had it reprogrammed several times but it still not right, I need to go again and see if it can be improved. I do know that it has helped some people but not me. Maybe I am asking to much and should give it a little longer to see if it does improve. Have a good day.

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