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A couple months ago I started having pain on an area on the side of my upper right thigh that has increased overtime. It hurts to the slightest touch, has somewhat of a burning pain to it, and throughout the day it gets worse and the pain and time radiates down my leg. While at an appt with my doc, I told her and she "punched" me there-(which really hurt-I was not happy!), she said she thought it was bursitis. Just told me to take some IB, and if it worsened when I came back 3 weeks later, she would see about a cortizone shot. Went back, told her it was much worse and I developed another area nearby on an area on my lower back that had the same symptoms. Now, she was going to send me to physical therepy and also sent me to xrays. I didn't make the appt for xrays, because I am waiting for them to fax me the report of the xrays like they said they would do on Friday to my work-which they didn't. They did call me at home and all the nurse said was that my doc said it showed "something moved"???(FROM WHAT???) and I needed to come back for a full hip and back exam and put me through to scheduling. The scheduling person set it up for NOV 17-three weeks away!!! I also mentioned the report being faxed and like i said it never did. You see I plan to get this report to see what exactlt what it says and get myself as new doctor and hopefully get in a lot sooner than 3 weeks. I'm in a lot of pain and would like to know whats wrong and start being treated. I've had this doctor for many years and this past year I've gone through the run around with her concerning my migraines and I can't do this. Sorry for the long post, but does anyone know what this could be or have had symptoms like this before so I can kind of know what to expect?
Thanks so much!

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