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My xray results: L5 on S1 spondylolisthestesis with probable L5 sponylolysis. As clinically indicated this could be confirmed with on MRI or Ct eval. Mild disk space changes at this lebel. Mild dextoscoliosis.
Osteitis condensans ilii. Mild DJD changes at symphysis pubis.

I did look up some of this on-line but if any of you have anyfeedback on this I would really appreciate it. I do have an appt in a week and a half with a NEW doctor. I am in a lot pain that is the worse in the afternoon. I'm 39 and I'm a full-time day care teacher. I was prescribed Etodolac 400 mg 3 times a day by my "former" doc when I called and left a message to have my xray report faxed to me and said I was in a lot of pain. I do have Vicodin for my migraines that I've taken only when it's gotton really bad and can barely walk. Has anyone gone through this ???
Thanks so much for the replies, Megss and Olddog66. I really appreciate it. I'm trying not to lift but right now I'm with the one year old group at the day care and it's hard not too. I'm trying too lessen that because by afternoon I'm in so much pain. Like I said, I have my appt on Nov 17th with a new doctor who will go over the xray report and we will see where we will go from there. I will post what happens. I take the Ecotolac for now, somertimes Vicodin when it gets really bad, and I also rub Biofreeze on it and that helps a bit too. Good luck to you too Megss-keep me informed.

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