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[QUOTE=NiceShot;3790652]Were they able to find the source of the nerve pain? Or, process of elimination resulted in the neurostim decision? I feel like there is a huge bee wrapped around my left buttock and hip and my whole leg just aches and aches. It is so hard to explain it especially after all the tests are basically neg. Glad to hear more about this option. Just starting to explore it myself. Thank you all for your support and help.[/QUOTE]
I think that is the funniest way I have heard it described....thanks, but I do know it is NOT funny...I have that also and it feels likeI have stepped in a beehive and all of them have stung me and no are we supposed to function like this? People do think we are crazy, I am sure. they need to feel this for ten min. and they would know how it works on our brain. I went to neurologists, neurosurgeon to see if something might be trapped , had nerve conduction studies, three rounds of therapy, water therapy , accupunture, chiropractor, I may be repeating myself from a previous post, but to answer your question, they tell me that the nerves were just damaged in the surgery and no answer as to how long they could be like this....with them offering hope only with the stim. I believe they think it is permanent...It has been over two years of Hell on earth and I have to try something....with all the pacemakers and every other device they have to fix people, why shouldn't this be able to work. they say that the nerve pain in your feet leg and buttocks is the kind that this works best on...they tried so hard last year to get me to do the test, but at the time i was sooooo scared of anything else, I couldnt think of anything else....oh, I forgot, I also had a nerve block and an epidural that put me on the couch and in bed for three days...I believe there is a reason for everything, but me and God have yet to agree about why this is happening to me...HA HA I know he has a reason though... sometimes we have to be flat of our back to look up and see where our lives are going.... sorry, this is way to deep for two in the morning....stressed out totally over this,,,,I guess this is my last hope of functioning normally, and i am afraid it will not work..I am expecting too much from it , and also I am scared to hurt anymore. (the surgery). I am afraid it may just push me right on over the edge...Not that it is very far sometimes....Ha

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