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I have just been referred to Dr. Yeung from my pain management Dr. I see some old posts concerning their experience. Like to hear more recent
stories. Have had 3 epidural injections and increasing pain in my leg with
each injection.
Hi there. I saw Dr. Yeung in July 2007 for a Selective Endoscopic Discectomy. Unfortunately, the procedure did not go well, but the doctor and the office staff and the whole environment were great. We traveled far (from Virginia), but it was worth it if the procedure could help. I had had a discogram before seeing him (with sedation), but he wanted to do his own, which I was fine with. Well, that was without sedation. Just letting you know that part ahead of time. The surgery went smoothly - I don't remember most of it - and recovery was pretty easy. I was VERY stiff for about 1 week, pretty stiff for the next week, and moving normally by week three. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask.
Just returned from my visit with his son. I am scheduled to have TLIF surgery on the 9th.
Hi. How did things go for you? Did Dr. Yeung Sr. or Jr. perform your surgery? Thankx
how are you now?
I'm from Phx as well and had a SED surgery but not by Dr. Yeung do to conflicting reports on his bedside manner and surgery outcomes. I actually had it from Dr. Steingart and it was a complete success. If you want a second opinion and a wonderful personality from your doc, I suggest Dr steingart, he's fabulous!
I recently (2009) had SED by Dr. Anthony Yeung in Phoenix. Bedside manner? Bizarre, to say the least. Result? Fabulous--I have my life back and am beginning to forget what it was like to have back problems (1 herniated disc). If you want a great surgical result, he's the man.
The internet can be confusing. There are many others that copy Dr. Y's techniques, but are not bonafide. I went ahead with Dr. Yeung based on the strength of the recommendation of my doctor who had seen Dr. Yeung perform the technique. ;)
My experience with Dr. Anthony Yeung was a disaster. I had nagging sciatic nerve pain/ rt hip pain, and it only bothered me when lifting heavy objects. It was under control with celebrex. He looked at my mri and told me he could fix the problem completely. I went into the surgery with no pain ,and I came out of it disabled. Now I have severe pain in my lower back and hip and my right leg is burning all the way down to my ankle. I went back to him 3 times in pain and the last visit, he said I might have cancer, or the problem might be in my hip, and there was nothing more he could do for me. Now , I am out of work and in pain and unsure of what I will do- he crippled me and threw me under the bus!
I used the son for two cervical surgeries (2006 and 2008) and was happy with the outcome. When I returned in 2009 for lumbar problems I was somewhat brushed off. I have found a new orthopedic spine surgeon on the west side (surprisingly) that seems to listen far better. I'm having a L3-S1 fusion 2/3/10
Dr. Yeung and his young team are world't TOP when we are talking about endoscopic minimally-invasive spine surgery.
Did you have surgery with him? If so, what kind?
No, I did not.

But, my spine surgeon from Europe is educated by Dr. Yeung.

Also, I've read several scientific articles published by Dr. Yeung. He is really modern and qualified spine surgeon, especially with his Selective Endoscopic Discectomy method by his YESS (Yeung Endoscopic Spine System).

He is real minimally-invasive spine surgery leader.

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