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Hello All and thank you for sharing your experiences. For those of you who have had a fusion following my Nov 19th date and those who had one before, your words of advice and kindness and simply responding have helped me cope with lows that I suppose are predictable following a recovery period of major surgery. I look here every day and read every word.
For me it has been 4 weeks now recovery. I can say now looking back the first week was frankly hell even with the pain meds and alot of just laying here..very hard. On the up side I could feel during that week a little bit of progress every day. First couple days home the "shower" would literally wipe me out..I would lay down and actually fall asleep following. Now I can say that showering is more like part of my day I dont feel like falling over following the whole process even tho it is taking me about an hour still to do the whole thing know undressing showering toweling dressing hair and such..I dont move very fast still. My incision is nearly healed and looks like a red firery line with some tiny spots of scabbing that is kinda irritated..clothes snag and a bit of owey here and there with clothing tags that feel like knives when they hit certain areas...but after all where else would you hang your pants but just where the incision is in the back? I can say that the first 2 weeks seemed like I was getting better by leaps and bounds..have a bit of endurance back, things like unexpected jarring no longer freak me out with pain, I can be on my feet longer..sitting is still uncomfortable but not limited to the 5 minutes as it was then. I have discovered ways to do things with my grabber like using a dustbuster by turning it on grabbing it with the grabber and pushing it along the floor to get the ever present tumbleweeds of hair on the floor from my darling doggy. I had hub put some milk each night in a small pitcher on the top shelf inside of the fridge so I could reach it for cereal in the morning instead of the huge gallon (my weight lifting limit) without bending. But the honest truth is the last week or so I can't say anything resembling those first weeks progress is happening. Im still taking my pain meds and without a clock absolutely KNOW when its 15 minutes before the time Im allowed to take another...I be HURTING. i am also impatient with the fact that solving any problems with boredom which is huge for thinking up a project seems to require me to find things in the house I either cannot reach or lift. I dont seem to find reading much comfort either as I am a bit fog headed and dont follow so well when reading the intricate plots and narratives I found so interesting before all of this...might be the dope. Also eating in my family has presented a problem I did not anticipate. Im the main cook and bottle washer here normally and love it. Im frankly a great cook and love to eat home cooking as well as hub and son. Well the main cook is out of commission so we have been doing fast food which I used to find great sometimes but if anyone offers me a pizza or hamburger Im about to throw up with being sick of them. Have to find a "home cooking resturant" that has things like soup or meatloaf or porkchops or beefstew on the menu that wont cost me a fortune..havnt found them yet...working on it.
Im also finding myself getting irritated by my surgeon's process of seeing patients following procedures. (this is my second back surgery with the best spinal doc in Michigan, the first was a laminectomy L4L5 and tumor removal..unacceptable result so this recent surgery a year later I went in for the fusion) and its the same routine. 6 weeks following the surgery I see the PA in his office I suppose to look over the incision and see what the progress is..I dont see the Doc again for 12 WEEKS following the surgery and although I love him and have total faith in his expertise how much do you think he can remember about my particular case 4 MONTHS following? I have questions questions can he possibly remember? He must have performed a gazillion surgeries since.... Does anyone else have this weird post office doc visit schedule?
I just reread the above and Im afraid it will sound like a total whine. For that I apologize. Im trying to keep upbeat and beat back the depression with positive thoughts and affirmations...counting my blessings and thankful so much that hubby and son are still working in the most depressed state in the country..but I would be less than honest if I didnt tell the truth here. Please Please respond with your experiences where ever you are in your recovery and maybe you can suggest things to do or think about stuff that I havent. I appreciate every word I best wishes to all of you during this season to stay safe and heal quickly..even if I include myself in that wish..I dont think thats a bad thing:)

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